Is Your Physician Really Practicing Preventive Cardiac Care?

I wrote Don’t Die Early as a guide that anyone, of any age or gender, can use to better sort through the maze of soundbites and misinformation that permeate the airwaves today. By understanding the critical health issues that plague us, we can better chart a course towards optimum health, focusing on what’s timeless and important, not on what happens to be on the news today.

That said, this blog post is geared towards those you who are specifically concerned about preventing, or addressing heart disease. Perhaps you have a strong family history of heart disease and have vowed not to suffer the fate that took Granddad or Uncle Fred. Perhaps a close friend has suffered a heart attack at the gym, mere weeks after passing a stress test with flying colors. Maybe, like so many of us, you’ve simply turned the corner into the second half of your life and want to pay more attention to preventing heart disease. And don’t think that because you’re female that you can tune out the discussion at this point: heart disease kills more women than men in this country. [1]

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The Wrong Way to Give Up Wheat

More and more people are giving up wheat every day, far more than just those diagnosed with Celiac disease. Perhaps encouraged by reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis or the testimony of journalists and many others who have experienced dramatic health benefits, many are turning to a life without wheat.

Unfortunately, many who are giving up wheat are replacing the wheat with “gluten-free” processed foods from their grocery store, thereby trading one problem for another.

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Study Casts Doubt on Benefits of Omega-3 Supplements

The news media and blogosphere is abuzz today about a study due to be released in The Journal of the American Medical Association regarding omega-3 fish oil. The study, a meta-analysis, a study of 20 previous studies from 1989 to the present, is reported to cast doubt on the effectiveness of omega-3 supplements on reducing cardiac events.

We can expect the talking heads in the media to be talking about this for quite some time. We’re undoubtedly headed for an avalanche of expert opinions that will cover the entire gamut, from “fish oil is vital and useful” to “it’s a waste of money” and every conceivable opinion in between.

And yet, none of the discussion matters to those of us who are actively involved in optimizing our health.

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The Logic of Nutrition

According to the Whole Grains Council, “Every day, more and more studies show the benefits of whole grains.” This statement isn’t a surprise, coming from folks whose slogan is Whole Grains at Every Meal.

To assist us, they have compiled a list of studies showing just how healthful whole grains are.

Before I even examined this list, I predicted that these studies would use the same deeply flawed “grains are healthy” logic as displayed in the reports that whole grains reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Today’s misguided nutrition logic that says “if A can be shown to be better than our carefully controlled B, then an abundance of A is obviously beneficial to everyone.”

Let’s take a look at a couple of their cited studies in a little more detail.

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“Don’t Die Early” Reviewed by Tom Naughton, Creator of “Fat Head”

Tom Naughton, the creator of the documentary Fat Head has just posted a review of Don’t Die Early. Tom was kind enough to review a draft of Don’t Die Early and provide a blurb for the back cover and web site. Thank you, Tom. I’m honored by your review.

If you haven’t checked out Fat Head, buy it from Tom’s site. If you have seen Fat Head, consider buying some extra copies as gifts.