The Return of Bread?!?!?

After giving up wheat more than three years ago, I had pretty much decided that bread was a bygone food in this household. Flaxseed crackers took the place of wheat-based crackers and cinnamon pancakes made from almond meal took the place of “real” pancakes. The pancakes even served as a bread substitute for the occasional sandwich.

The loss of “real” bread wasn’t a great loss, though. After three years, my bread cravings have subsided to nearly zero. I’ve so thoroughly reduced the role of bread in my diet that when a friend sent me a link to a recipe for “great wheat-free bread,” I left the link in my ToDo list for over a year before trying it.

And boy am I sorry I waited so long!

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Summer Camp: Eating for Dementia

By now, the entire blogosphere has picked up on the NEJM study showing that increased levels of blood glucose are linked to an increased risk for dementia.

This study isn’t surprising to those who know how damaging glucose can be to virtually every system in the body. Reading this study, I think back to my post on the absurdity of hosting pancake breakfasts to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

With our nation’s elevated glucose levels in mind, I asked my eight year old daughter to randomly pick one of her peers from summer camp last week and mentally note what this friend ate during the day.

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