Your Primal Body: A User Manual for a Healthier Life

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It’s no secret to my readers that I wrote Don’t Die Early to help others streamline their journey from ill health to better health. What started as a personal mission became a desire to spare others the frustration and effort of wading through a seemingly endless parade of myths, misconceptions, and half-truths.

In a similar vein, Your Primal Body, written by certified fitness trainer and former competitive body builder Mikki Reilly, aims to be a handbook for replacing an unhealthy lifestyle with a healthier one. But unlike some “get fit” books that focus solely on fitness or diet, Your Primal Body effectively captures the essence of both. Better still, it does so without being heavy handed or unrealistic.

After a clear and concise overview of why a paleo diet makes sense genetically and can help us lose weight, live longer, and reduce our disease risk, Mikki presents a five-step program for living a primal lifestyle. It’s obvious that she applies her experience helping thousands of clients to produce a program that’s both realistic and effective. Combining healthful eating, nutritional supplements, and exercise, Mikki’s program is sure to bring pleasing results.

Mikki concludes her paleo message with recipes, exercise checklists, and supplemental reading material that makes adopting a paleo lifestyle as fun and easy as a lifestyle change can be.

In a world filled with books that promise how to become fitter and healthier, it’s rare to encounter one that gets it right. Your Primal Body, by Mikki Reilly, is just such a book.

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