What Are We Waiting For?

As you’ll learn in Don’t Die Early, controlling our blood glucose is critical to achieving optimal health. This is because insulin resistance and damage from elevated glucose levels occurs for years, even decades, before the standard medical tests show that we’re diabetic. By identifying how the foods we’re eating affect our blood glucose levels today, we can delay or even prevent Type 2 diabetes while it’s still on the distant horizon. Waiting until our doctor tells us that our fasting glucose is 115 mg/dL and that we’re “pre-diabetic” is the wrong way to go find out that we’ve been damaging ourselves multiple times each day by causing our blood glucose to reach 130, 140, or even higher. Levels that research shows are toxic to our bodies.

I have a friend in his 30’s who became interested in blood glucose levels after hearing me talk about the subject. He purchased a glucose meter and checked his postprandial (after eating) glucose levels over a few days. He was stunned to see that his blood glucose was reaching 150 to 180 mg/dL after a typical meal.

His response? He put the glucose meter away and forgot all about it. He continues to eat the same way he did before.

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