Interviewed on Wendy Myers’

I had the great pleasure of meeting Wendy Myers on the recent Low-Carb Cruise. Her presentation on Obesegens: Chemicals That Make You Fat was an eye-opening overview of the many disruptive chemicals in our environments and in our foods.

My subject of my talk on the Low-Carb Cruise was the legislative, economic, and sometimes violent attacks against America’s independent farmers. After the cruise, Wendy asked if she could interview me for a video podcast on her web site and the podcast has been posted, video and text. (You won’t hurt my feelings if you read the transcript instead of suffering through my first video podcast.)

Thanks again to Wendy Myers for the interview! While you’re there, check out the great information throughout

Your Primal Body: A User Manual for a Healthier Life

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It’s no secret to my readers that I wrote Don’t Die Early to help others streamline their journey from ill health to better health. What started as a personal mission became a desire to spare others the frustration and effort of wading through a seemingly endless parade of myths, misconceptions, and half-truths.

In a similar vein, Your Primal Body, written by certified fitness trainer and former competitive body builder Mikki Reilly, aims to be a handbook for replacing an unhealthy lifestyle with a healthier one. But unlike some “get fit” books that focus solely on fitness or diet, Your Primal Body effectively captures the essence of both. Better still, it does so without being heavy handed or unrealistic.

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Grain Brain: Another Nail in Grain’s Coffin

Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter deals another blow to the "grains are good" lie

Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter deals another blow to the “grains are good” lie.

First there was Wheat Belly, a scathing indictment by cardiologist Dr. William Davis on the harm caused by today’s modern wheat, even exulted whole grains. In Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis warned of us heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and neurological problems, all caused by wheat. Dr. Davis cites NIH studies showing wheat proteins binding to the brain’s opioid receptors, altering behavior and increasing appetite.

Now, acclaimed neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter continues the highly justified grain bashing with Grain Brain, a book that promises to reveal the truth about “wheat, carbs, and sugar—your brain’s silent killers.”

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Defining a New Disease Condition: Dr. Bill Wilson and the Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain Syndrome (CARB Syndrome)

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent time on this blog, or to anyone who had read Don’t Die Early, that I believe most of today’s modern diseases are the product of our unfavorable lifestyle decisions and, in fact, result from the small set of root causes, like poorly controlled glucose levels and rampant inflammation.

It’s also no secret, either, that I think most mainstream clinicians are too inclined to wait for diseases to manifest instead of focusing on prevention. (See my rant on preventive cardiac care for an example of how misguided standard clinical guidelines can be.)

Fortunately for all of us, there are some great physicians out there who see the bigger picture. They think like scientists and look beyond the symptoms to identify root cause instead of just writing a prescription and moving on.

One such physician is Dr. Bill Wilson, founder of the CARB Syndrome Project. The CARB Syndrome is Dr. Wilson’s name for an array of neurological maladies induced by overconsumption of high glycemic foods. As Dr. Wilson points out, the average person’s sugar intake 100 years ago was one pound per year. Today it’s 150 pounds per year. The human body, especially the brain, cannot withstand that glucose assault without being harmed. This harm manifests itself as “depression, ADHD, autism, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, PTSD, bipolar II, anxiety disorders and others.” In other words, many of the disease that have become household words today.

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“Don’t Die Early” Reviewed by Tom Naughton, Creator of “Fat Head”

Tom Naughton, the creator of the documentary Fat Head has just posted a review of Don’t Die Early. Tom was kind enough to review a draft of Don’t Die Early and provide a blurb for the back cover and web site. Thank you, Tom. I’m honored by your review.

If you haven’t checked out Fat Head, buy it from Tom’s site. If you have seen Fat Head, consider buying some extra copies as gifts.