Don’t Die Early Now Available for the iPad

Attention iPad fans! Don’t Die Early is now available in the iBookstore!

Creating a version of Don’t Die Early for the iPad enabled me to include many features that just aren’t possible in a printed book or a traditional ebook: more interesting typography, color graphics, hyperlinks, and quizzes, just to name a few things.

While reading Don’t Die Early on the iPad, not only will you enjoy a more visually pleasing experience thanks to the color divider pages and more attractive typography, but you’ll also be able to quickly access cited journal articles and other references with a single touch. You can quickly jump from one place to another using hyperlinks and test yourself on the book’s content using the quizzes featured in many chapters.

If you or someone you know enjoys reading on their iPad, grab a copy of Don’t Die Early! At $9.99, it’s priced the same as the Kindle and Nook versions.

This attractive button will launch iTunes on your computer or iDevice and take you to the iBookstore listing for Don’t Die Early where you can buy the book or download a free sample of its content.
Don't Die Early - Rocky Angelucci


Taking a Break From the Nook

Most of Don’t Die Early’s sales are the printed book. I think this is because there’s so much information in Don’t Die Early that people like referring back to it over and over. As one Amazon reviewer stated:

This is a terrific book. I have read a lot of the books this author cites. The book is well organized and the appendices are some of the best sections. I want to share this with my family… I bought the Kindle edition, but I am buying the paperback one so I can highlight and bookmark it and leave it “lying around” for curious people to pick up.

Trailing printed sales are Kindle and lagging far behind Kindle is the Nook, which is about 10% of the Kindle sales.

Because the overwhelming number of Don’t Die Early’s electronic sales are on the Kindle, I’ve decided to suspend the Nook version for a period of 90 days so that I can try the Kindle Select program, which includes the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Because Kindle Select requires that I publish ebooks exclusivity with Amazon, during this 90-day period, Don’t Die Early will not be available for download from Barnes and Noble. It will, of course, still be available in printed version from Amazon.

If tons of potential Nook readers are inconvenienced or if the Kindle Select program is not as cool as Amazon says it will be, I’ll resume Nook sales in 90 days.


Interview Now Available on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore”

The podcast from last week’s interview on the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” show is now available. It’s a little strange listening to a recording of myself but fortunately Jimmy is a very relaxed and skilled interviewer. I could talk with him all day about this stuff.

For those of you not familiar with Jimmy Moore, he is an eloquent and insightful blogger, speaker, and author on the health benefits of low-carb living. He is quite passionate about living a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks again, Jimmy, for featuring Don’t Die Early on your show!

Check out his blog here.


Don’t Die Early: The Life You Save Can Be Your Own is now available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook!

To order for the Kindle, simply click this link or on the book cover image above and you’ll be taken to where you can buy the Kindle version for immediate download.

Click here for the Barnes & Noble Nook version.

The printed version is available here.


Welcome to the blog site for the book Don’t Die Early: The Life You Save Can Be Your Own, a guide to preventive health through careful self-assessment. Don’t Die Early is in final editing and is planned for release in May. Once the book is released, I’ll add links to Barnes and Noble and Amazon to make it easy to find. I’m also planning an eventual release through Apple’s iBooks platform.

I’ll be blogging on a variety of subjects, all pertaining to personal health, nutrition, and medicine. And, of course, it’s impossible to discuss health and medicine without including social and political commentary because politics, not science, is behind most of the health and nutrition guidelines we hear today.

Stay tuned and watch for Don’t Die Early!