Chasing Symptoms Again

This recent news article on reversing diabetes caught my eye and upon seeing the headline I was initially excited to find someone talking about reversing diabetes instead of just treating it (usually with misguided, low-fat diets that are primarily grains, if they’re following common mainstream advice).

According to the article, a 37-year old woman recently diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic found “an intensive weight-loss program designed for people with weight-related health problems, such as diabetes” and after losing a total of over 100 pounds “she no longer needed meds to stabilize her blood sugar…”

The article quotes the woman as saying “At my last checkup, my doctor told me I basically wasn’t diabetic anymore. I didn’t know that was possible.”

While I applaud anyone who reverses diabetes through effective lifestyle changes, I see that the authors, and the practitioners they’re discussing, are making the common mistake of treating excessive weight as the cause of diabetes and not a symptom.

The root cause of weight gain, and of Type 2 diabetes, you see, is poor glucose control. Telling overweight Type 2 diabetics to “lose weight to help your diabetes” is backwards. The real message should be “control your blood glucose by eating foods that do not elevate your blood glucose levels and your diabetes will improve. And, by the way, your weight will improve, too.”

In other words, a $20 glucose meter, not your bathroom scale, is your biggest ally in losing weight and reversing Type 2 diabetes.

And for those who aren’t Type 2 diabetics? A $20 glucose meter is your best tool to avoid becoming one.

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