The Return of Bread?!?!?

After giving up wheat more than three years ago, I had pretty much decided that bread was a bygone food in this household. Flaxseed crackers took the place of wheat-based crackers and cinnamon pancakes made from almond meal took the place of “real” pancakes. The pancakes even served as a bread substitute for the occasional sandwich.

The loss of “real” bread wasn’t a great loss, though. After three years, my bread cravings have subsided to nearly zero. I’ve so thoroughly reduced the role of bread in my diet that when a friend sent me a link to a recipe for “great wheat-free bread,” I left the link in my ToDo list for over a year before trying it.

And boy am I sorry I waited so long!

This bread recipe is the most bread-like wheat-free recipe that I’ve encountered. And no, it’s not a high-glycemic recipe that would be the wrong way to give up wheat. It contains healthier things like almond meal and eggs and won’t knock the top out of your blood glucose meter like the processed, starch-laden gluten-free bread mixes can.

The recipe is from and is entitled “Toasted Sub Sandwich and Panini.”

Rather than duplicate the recipe here, I’ll let you follow the link to Maria’s excellent site, containing not only this great recipe, but featuring many others that will delight without causing harm.

Here’s a picture of my’s bread. Note the seductive bread-like consistency. The second photo shows the roll made into a pulled pork and cole slaw sandwich. Even though my bread demons were vanquished long ago, this sandwich was a taste of heaven.

Thanks, Maria, for a fabulous recipe and for introducing a bit of bread back into this household.

I think I’ll make french toast for breakfast tomorrow.

Roll Sandwich

2 thoughts on “The Return of Bread?!?!?

  1. Thanks for posting about this recipe! I tried it the other night and made rolls with it. First hot buttered rolls I’ve had all year! Made the rest into blt sliders. Awesome! Loved it. Now gotta make some more.

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