This Is Not Paleo

As careful as we are with our diets here in the Don’t Die Early household, there are still times when ya gotta say, WTF (or WTH for the g-rated among you).

Halloween is obviously one of those days:

Fortunately, our daughter will only eat a few pieces a day of this Halloween bounty and then lose interest in less than a week, at which time we’ll give the remainder away to the farmers who are feeding stale candy to their cattle.

2 thoughts on “This Is Not Paleo

    • I used to be the same way. Even when I wasn’t really eating candy, I’d still snack on hers as we went door to door or have a few pieces here and there after Halloween. little bit of experience with a glucose meter, though, has shown me just how damaging a handful of candy like this can be, so it’s pretty easy for me to avoid it now. It’s an altogether different matter for my daughter, however. When it comes to unhealthful foods, I think it’s important to let a kid be a kid, at least in small amounts.

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